Skills (our expertise)


AMi is based on a solid experience in the automation field.
We can offer you the following services:

Find out the best hardware and software architecture
  for your project
• Writ your specifications leading to a call for tender
• Writ the functional analysis of your system
• Study of electrical drawings
• Programming Siemens S5 and S7 PLC’s
  and communications cards
• Programming Rockwell SLC500, CompactLogix,
  ControlLogix PLC’s
• Setting of Siemens, Lauer, Termex and Bartec operator panels
• Setting of Siemens WinCC, Fanuc Proficy (iFix)
  or Iconics Genesis HMI’s
• Setting of Delta V DCS
• Commissioning and startup
• Training since the company is registered beside the Prefect
   of the Alsace region as a provider of training
• Maintenance and troubleshooting resolution